Natural Governing Party

Sarcastic moniker ascribed by critics to the Liberal Party.

Coined in the late Twentieth Century, the term, sometimes shortened to the anagram “NGP”, is a reference to both the Liberal Party’s electoral success through the years (Liberal Governments were in office in Ottawa approximately two-thirds of the period from 1900 to 2000) and to the Liberals’ perceived sense of entitlement and arrogance.

Liberal pragmatism (or opportunism), its base among the elites in Toronto [see Family Compact] and Montreal, its close relationships with public servants and the media, are all seen to be characteristic of the “NGP”.

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  • DanW

    It can also refer to the perceived arrogance, and long standing domination, of Provincial Political Parties. For example the Progressive Conservative Association has controlled the Alberta Legislature with an absolute majority (essentially uncontested in every election) since 1971. Between 1943-2003-except for a brief interval between 1986-1995, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario had control of the Ontario Legislature; again almost always with majorities. The NDP held British Columbia steadily from the 1980’s for the most part as well as significant portions of Saskatchewan’s history (until the creation of the Saskatchewan Party several years ago)

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